hackbar.ch is a free and open event, centered around the topic of (cyber-)security and the <3 for computers. With the upcoming hackbar easter event edition we are going to tune live into the Revision (demo-)party, while also hacking the Hacky Easter 2023 CTF. 🤩🐇🥚

Everybody is welcome to join the festivities.


The Revision is a demoparty, which takes place on Easter in Saarbrücken in Germany. A demoparty is an event where demosceners and other computer enthusiasts gather to take part in competitions (nicknamed “compos”), where they present demos (short audio-visual presentations of computer art) and other works such as digital art and music. We’ll cozy up and tune into the live stream of the Revision together, play CTF and have fun. For the CTF, we’re going going to play the legendary Hacky Easter 2023 CTF - bigup to PS and the whole fluffly crew behind this CTF.

If you want to participate in the CTF or also feel the urge to come up with a demo yourself, be sure to bring along your laptop and power-adapter - everything else is cared for and present at the hackbar.

Everybody is welcome to join the event. The bar is stocked with mate drinks and tschunk.



Bahnstrasse 44, 3008 Bern, Switzerland

Activities / Timetable

07.04.2023 - Friday (Karfreitag)

08.04.2023 - Saturday (Karsamstag)

The final Revision timetable of 2023 is not yet online. The 2022 version holds indications on what to expect.

Ticket and Food Reservations

Would you like to join us at the event? As the number of visitors is limited, please save your spot by getting a free ticket: https://tickets.hackbar.ch/hackbar/revision23

During lunch & dinner time, we will serve a self-cooked meal - be sure to give indications on your participations while ordering your ticket. These are not Revision tickets, the remote Revision tickets are sold separately.

Cost of Entry

None, we do however accept donations to make the whole event possible and do have a cool donor bracelet waiting for you (i.e. you can pay what you think the event is worth to you).

Wanted List

Do you want to present your own demo/compo? This is possible on site and remotely, please contact the organizers, and we’ll make it happen. :)

Code of Conduct

The usual “no bullshit” & “be excellent to each other”.


Feel free to reach out to the organizers via email: bSePnAdMer[@]hackbar.ch (remove the capital letters “S”,“P”,“A” and “M” from the username before the @-sign.)

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