hackbar.ch is a free and open event, focused on (cyber-)security and the <3 for computers. Everybody is welcome.


Initially, the idea was to meet up to watch live-streams of the yearly Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) together.
Especially as the pandemic hit during the end of 2020 and 2021, the Congress was held online (the remote CCC was known as “rC3”).
The tradition of watching the CCC streams together grew in popularity, more friends joined, and now we want to make it an open event. Everybody is welcome to join the event. The bar is stocked with club-mate and tschunk.




Bahnstrasse 44, 3008 Bern, Switzerland

Cost of Entry

None, we do however accept donations and do have a cool donor bracelet waiting for you (i.e. you can pay what you think the event is worth to you).

Activities / Timetable

27.12.2022 - Tuesday

28.12.2022 - Wednesday

29.12.2022 - Thursday

30.12.2022 - Friday

Food Reservations

Would you like to join us for lunch or dinner? Please add yourself to the nuudel-forms located here:

Wanted List

Do you want to present or discuss a certain topic? Please contact the organizers, and we’ll make it happen. :)

Code of Conduct

The usual “no bullshit” & “be excellent to each other”.

Chaos Communication Congress 2022

Yes, we know that the Congress in Hamburg was cancelled for this year. If a rC3-like alternative event would happen, we would watch streams from there and if not, we would surely have alternative streams and presentations ready for your community viewing experience. See events.ccc.de, and as of now, the timetable holds some placeholders of prior recordings of other interesting conference talks.


Q: I only want to join on one day, which one is the best?
A: We advise joining on the 29.12. or 30.12.2022. As we expect the most people on these days. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the organizers via email: bSePnAdMer[@]hackbar.ch (remove the capital letters “S”,“P”,“A” and “M” from the username before the @-sign.)



We also do recognize that (most likely) the next covid wave is about to start.
Hence, we do plan to make the event happen, but if push comes to shove, we will have to put either mask restrictions in place or even go as far as to cancel the event.
Again, if it should happen that we have to cancel the event, we will update this website accordingly.

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